• Business Flights
    Business Flights Extraordinary competitiveness calls for extraordinarily quick action. All those conducting their own business dealings know full well that time spent en route can often be lost time. We ensure the organization of road transport and accommodations.
  • Airborne Tourism
    Airborne Tourism Tourism has never been this easy. In a short amount of time you can fly here in your helicopter and head for the Tatra mountains to do some skiing, or visit one of Europe's most beautiful metropolises – the legendary royal city of Krakow. We can help you organize it.
  • Medical Rescue
    Medical Rescue The Helicopter Medical Rescue Service is the fastest way of transporting ill or injured patients from the incident location to the appropriate medical facility. Our provisional airport is equipped to accommodate these services.


Heli Serwis's provisional, private heliport.

Heli Serwis's headquarters is located in the town of Wieliczka, near the city of Krakow, in the southern part of Poland in Central Europe. We have Heli Serwis's provisional private heliport at our disposal, which we make available to police, rescue services, and for the needs of civilian and business aviation. We invite all who would like to visit Krakow – one of Europe's most beautiful cities – and choose to travel here by helicopter.

Central Europe

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